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OOC: Critique Post

Any questions, comments, or objections to the way I play Slade? Feel free to hit me with them here. :)

Anonymous commenting turned on, IP logging turned off, and all comments shall be screened~

OOC: Timeline of Villainy

The following is a combination of comics canon, toon canon, and headcanon that I have cobbled together in order to give this incarnation of Slade a background that the toon, sadly, does not provide. This is in no way an "official version" of what transpired to make him the villain that he is. It's just my personal interpretation of events.

the birth of a villainCollapse )

IC Contact: Voicemail

business phone

"You've reached the office of Dr. Black at the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation. Please leave your name and number, as well as your reason for calling, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."


OOC: Villains For Hire

As proposed here and established ICly in these three posts, Villains For Hire is an organization of evil/morally ambiguous types united by their love of money and Slade's devious mind. The purpose of this group is not only to do Slade's dirty work, but also for each individual villain to essentially act as a mercenary (with Slade as the proxy), selling their own unique talents for the betterment of evildoers everywhere -- and of course, to make a profit.

If you would like your character to be a part of these shenanigans, please comment to the OOC sign-up post. If you would like your character to be contacted in-game by Slade to make a deal, please say so in your comment. Then, comment to this post to be added to the current roster.

On the other hand, if you would like to be added at a later date, please leave a note saying 'pending' when you comment here so I know that membership has been put on hold.

Also: if you would like to make a suggestion or propose a mission for the group, please feel free to do so here! Seriously, I WANT your feedback on this. Even if your character is not on the roster, it will go a long way towards making this a successful and enjoyable undertaking, for everyone involved.

So. Have at it!

Current Roster

- David Clinton/Chronos (chronosyoudidnt)
- Angelica Einstürzen (dogabuse)
- Kurosaki Shiro (holeheart)
- Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva (deathdeals)
- Thomas Blake/Catman (nine_tries)
- The Joker (killerjoke)

Ported Out

- Apache (violent_bambi)
- John Morley/Ghost (stealthvirus)


OOC: Coalition Information

The Coalition, as proposed and established by Starscream in May 2009, is a group of like-minded, evil morally gray individuals who discuss, plot, and otherwise engage in rather questionable activities behind the heroes' backs. They are a shadow organization, a loose one with no real obligations besides one rule:

"First Rule of Coalition: Do Not Talk About Coalition."

Current Roster:
* Slade
* Norman Osborn (By proxy: Shego, possibly other Thunderbolts members?)
* Dr. Angelica Einstürzen
* Riful
* The Major (By proxy: Schrodinger)
* Shockwave
* Lust
* Illidan
* John Cavil

Ported Out:
* Dr. Horrible
* Starscream
* Soundwave
* Palpatine
* Ganondorf
* Madelyne Pryor
* Lucifer
* Alpha
* The Master

OOC: Permissions Post

OK, here's the deal:

As many of you probably know, Slade is canonically a technological genius who has an army of robots (that he himself designed, yes) at his disposal so his knowledge of computers and the like are second-to-none. In addition to this, he is also a MAJOR CREEPER so he reads everything posted to the network - or tries to keep track of it all, anyway. This means that HE IS IN UR POSTS, HAXXORING UR CONVOS.

That is, if it's all right with the rest of you. :3

Here's what I need to know:

1. Your character's name (and journal, maybe?)
2. Can he hack your character's private conversations? Specify what is OK and what isn't, please.
3. If your character filters his/her ENTIRE POST from him, can he hack that? Again, specify your character's filtering skills, if that seems possible or not.


As a note: There is actually canonical precedence for this as Slade has shown the ability to hack the Teen Titans' private communicators when he wants. So...yes.